General Assembly Meeting of European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations, held in Dublin on 9 May, approved Estonian association EAACEC as a full member of the EFCA. EAACEC Board Member Mr. Maidu Saar and Chief Executive Mr. Kalle Karron participated in the annual meeting.

The President of the EFCA, Mr. Kevin Rudden expressed appreciation of Estonia’s admission and a hope for good collaboration. Negotiations of the Estonia’s admission lasted for almost a year, EAACEC is the 27th member of the European federation.

EFCA was founded in 1992 and the federation has set itself the goal of having members from all Member States of the European Union. In-between EFCA’s annual meetings, various task groups gather and the management lobbies upon preparing drafts put up in the European Parliament and its commissions. Additionally, statistics are gathered and a periodic Barometer summary of the European business environment and market is prepared. The Barometer provides an overview of risks and recommendations for future outlooks (e.g. markets cooling, various issues, low profit, lack of labour force, etc.) Also, Future Trends are prepared on the basis of its members’ ideas. A young engineer programme takes place under EFCA and the federation issues the annual title of “Young Professional”.

In addition to the membership in EFCA, EAACEC is a member of the FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, since 1995.

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Eesti on EFCA liige
On the photo (from left): Mr. Maidu Saar, Mr. Kevin Rudden, Mr. Kalle Karron